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Swiss Post’s commitment For art

Since 1924, Swiss Post has been promoting and collecting contemporary art. Today, the collection comprises some 400 works. However, Swiss Post’s commitment to art stretches far beyond purchasing artwork. It offers a diverse platform for artistic creativity in Switzerland. It aims to address and communicate issues and concerns that are of equal importance to Swiss society and Swiss Post. Swiss Post, with the help of Swiss art, is creating space for and promoting dialogue in society.

When selecting new artwork for the collection, special care is taken to ensure that it addresses topics and concerns that also engage Swiss society at large. Right now, and indeed in the future, these include topics such as diversity, social justice, concern for natural resources, sustainability and climate issues, and addressing our shared history. It is important to Swiss Post that the art collection reflects the reality in our country and thematically represents it through pointed settings. In this way, the art is not only appreciated in isolation, but is seen as a means to represent and better understand our time and its challenges in a variety of ways.

The three pillars established in 2020 cover the art collection, art in architecture and the partnership with “Art in the periphery” events.

Art in the periphery A Swiss Post commitment

Swiss Post’s partnership with “Art in the periphery” events is the ideal complement to its traditional commitment, and, at the same time, it also represents a new milestone in the field of corporate art collections and the tradition of promotion in Switzerland. Swiss Post acts as a federating and supporting partner, providing its own services.

“Art in the periphery” is a series of temporary, curated non-profit art events held outside urban hubs. Artists are invited to engage with the relevant locations and create site-specific works of art. The works give remote locations stimulating added value, while offering city dwellers the chance to discover the local landscape and opening new perspectives to the local population. The events are free of charge to enter and can be visited at almost any time, day or night, with children, dogs or your bike.