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One of the first five genres, cross-border and cross-generational and experimental nature festival of “art culture fusion” in Switzerland is celebrating its 20th anniversary – all are WELCOME, young and old! 

The idea was to dig up some “gems” from the previous five “RHEINFALL FESTIVALS”, and also to invite some “new” artistic figures interested in artistic experimentation with other genres. As you can tell from the programme that includes well-known and famous artists as well as younger artists, these artists can participate in creative exchange with each other and engage openly in their own art forms with visitors, young and old, in “comfortable and intimate” natural environments (such as the popular and well-known “literature & music boats” for children and adults). This sparks curiosity for different art genres through this special mode for conveying art and culture to visitors of all generations and interests – presenting these figures from the fine arts with literature and music in a new and different way.

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Rheinfall Festival


Stefan Kurt with SANTACRiSTINA (MÜNSTER picture exhibition and audio sound design). Beat Toniolo with the mythical creature sculpture at the Rhine Falls and the “Strohballen LiteraTOUR” (Straw Bales LiteraTOUR) project “ROBERT WALSER goes BURG HOHENKLINGEN − Stein am Rhein”.

Programme and special projects

“QUAMELIUS − Das Fabelwesen vom Rheinfall” (QUAMELIUS − the mythical creature from the Rhine Falls). This sculpture delights visitors young and old, right above the Rhine Falls. After all, it’s the first mythical creature that you can climb on for photos and videos, and it is also the first book about the mythical creature that tells the story of the salmon at the Rhine Falls. So, head off to the Rhine Falls and get a photo with “QUAMELIUS”!

The well-known and popular actor and visual artist is showing around 40 of his extraordinary works at a SPECIAL exhibition in Münster church, Schaffhausen (from 1 October until 1 December 2023). www.ref-sh.chTarget not accessible

Another art project at the BACHTURNHALLE in Schaffhausen: A selection of his works will be accompanied by a musical reading performance via projection. The event will be held on three evenings: 9, 12 and 13 October, with artists including well-known actress ESTHER GEMSCH (request) and Stephanie Senn (grand piano), Shoko Miyake (oboe), Bernie Ruch (percussion) and Hrvoje Krizic (cello). www.bachturnhalle.chTarget not accessible

Target not accessibleFrom 1 September to 12 October, 11 straw bales with coloured textile prints and texts by Robert Walser will line the path from the town church to BURG HOHENKLINGEN in Stein am Rhein. On 11 October at 6.30 p.m., there will be a “Gourmet Talk Video” evening with well-known actor Stefan Kurt. Location: BURG HOHENKLINGEN, Stein am Rhein.

Rheinfall FestivalTarget not accessible

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