Sala Viaggiatori CASTAGNO 2023

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Since spring 2022, two themed exhibitions have been presented each year in the iconic pavilion building (architect: Bruno Giacometti, 1907−2012), which is also used as a waiting room for the PostBus stop. The exhibitions are dedicated to everyday culture, fine art, design and architecture across different eras and disciplines. The exhibition venue has already successfully positioned itself far beyond the region.

The CASTAGNO exhibition is dedicated to the chestnut tree, its fruit, production, harvesting, refinement and wood production. 

A broad exhibition concept has been developed based on the publication “Al padri grand grand la mama stría stría i fièi bui bui” by the authors Giulio Parini and Federico Rella. At CASTAGNO, the exhibition is also supplemented with artists such as Zilla Leutenegger, Carmen Müller and the photographer Andy Massaccesi and expanded with a view to contemporary art.

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Zilla Leutenegger, Carmen Müller, Andy Massaccesi

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